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Andy Warhol’s Brother Visits Slovakia

A Slovak-American Andy Warhol, the key figure in a movement called Pop art is no longer with us, but his older brother John Warhol still enjoys this world and keeps Andy’s legacy going.

Not only does he regularly check up on Warhol’s museum in Slovakia (in Medzilaborce) but he also annually gives $15,000 to $25,000 to fund various artistic projects of young talented artists. The museum was built in 1987, 4 years after Warhol’s death. It currently shows about 160 of his pieces. Besides this museum there is another one like it, also devoted solely to Andy Warhol’s works. It is located in Pittsburgh and currently shows about 12,000 (!!) of Warhol’s paintings (that guy kept himself busy…)

Source: ct, 13.09.2007